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Students and parents can keep track of their grades through the Community Portal, and teachers can post reports to help explain the contents of the gradebook!

Why Go Digital? - Examples - Using The Tool

Why Go Digital?

  • Students can check their own grades, instead of asking you to take the time to do so. This can help them plan their work and set personal goals independently.
  • Parents can review grades with students, with full access to the grade report.
  • Teachers can communicate policies and procedures in a place where students and parents are motivated to look.



How Can I Use This Digital Tool?

  • FOR TEACHERS, consider:
    • explaining what it means to see "I", "ex", "0", or blanks in the gradebook;
    • describing your procedures for how often you update the online gradebook;
    • explaining your policies for rewrites, make-up work, extra credit, late submissions, etc.;
    • posting your expectations, with links to your website.